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What makes us tick?  DVD movies (okay, that's solely my addiction), indoor soccer, "pokah nights" with friends, Sonoma County Wineries, and local Art and Wine Festivals.


Our DVD collection

The current count is in excess of 440 movies... I should give out rental cards!  So if you're local and trustworthy, let me know what you want to borrow.

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Real Estate

More on this coming soon... I am looking for some property in Oregon to build a few spec homes for resale.  Everybody keeps saying real estate is where it's at.

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Trailer Rental

Am still toying around with the truck/trailer rental idea.  Figure a race prepped enclosed car hauler w/eyelets for motorcycles could be fairly popular in the Bay Area, due to race track proximity.  Trailer would be equiped with chairs, canopies, small tool box, tie downs, and first aid supply.  Could possibly rent a truck along with it?  I would have to look into the insurance ramifications first though, but possibilities.


Come and play indoor soccer with us... give life a kick!

We usually play a couple days a week, the more teams the better.  Check out how we're doing so far this session:

      Brocade (The original team)

      3 Diamond Stars (Rovers)

      Swarm (Coed Fun League)

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Movie Making

Wouldn't it be awesome to make a movie?  All I need to come up with is the ideal plot, storyline, characters and the financing.  How about dot.com espionage or the ultimate computer virus that wipes everything out or a feel good sports story about a footballer (soccer player) that overcomes great odds to succeed.

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Video Gaming

What's your passion?  Grand Theft Auto - San Andreus, Gran Tourismo 4, Battlefield Vietnam or  RPG/RTS action?

Drink your wine!

If you like wine, Sonoma County is where it's at... some of our favorite wineries reside in the Russian River Valley region.  If you're ever there, give a visit to Fritz, Lambert Bridge, Pedroncelli, Pezzi King, Preston of Dry Creek, and Yoakum Bridge.  The wineries in Sonoma are very friendly and always a great source of history on the valley.

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Buying a Business

What would be a great business to get into today?  Possibly something with low startup capital, low overhead, great revenue potential... warehousing and/or distribution in Oregon area, product warranty and/or repair center in Oregon or a bar/restaurant in an up and coming community.  What about an indoor soccer arena with multiple fields and a full bar w/meals/sports club - could offer skills training, kids' camps, event hosting, field rentals for parties and have the sports club connected through plexiglass paneling for game viewing.


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