ipotoyz.com 2000 Ducati 996 SPS





Model: 2000 Ducati 996 SPS

Mileage:  11000

Price: $15,000 USD (sold)

A Ducati dream, a rare 996 SPS model production bike.  A few highlights of the 'SPS' model include full Ohlins suspension, titanium rods, full Termignoni exhaust headers and carbon fiber cans and magnesium Marchesini wheels.  I have gone through the necessary steps to acquire valid a license plate and legal California registration.  This bike is in perfect condition and just received the 12k service at Nichols Manufacturing in Milpitas, CA.  Whilst at Nichols, it was discovered some of the rockers had worn/flaky chromoly surfaces (a known Ducati issue).  As a result, all sixteen rockers were replaced with hardened aftermarket units acquired from Mega Cycle, guaranteed not to chip and or wear like the Ducati predecessors.  The bike has been tracked lightly a couple of times at Thunder Hill Raceway, in Willows, CA, via an SSA event (Group C and B only).  The bike has never been downed and contains some aftermarket parts installed by Nichols Manufacturing: a lightened aluminum flywheel, an aluminum clutch basket with kevlar disks and a carbon fiber half clutch cover.  The bike runs very strong and is in excellent condition.

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