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Welcome to the ipotoyz website - a personal site for Ross, Libby and family (Rogan added 07.09.04 - Rhona added 07.23.06).  Here you'll find our latest news, pictures and events.  Feel free to email us if you have something to say, we'll be happy to respond as time permits.  Cheers to all!

The "ipotoyz" creation was loosely based upon the dotcom boom, when employee stock options fueled mass shopping sprees.  Hence the "IPO" (initial public offering) and "toyz" (the rewards for those 80+ hour work weeks at a start-up company).  A 'Boyz and their Toyz' theme, from Ducati race bikes to sleek sports cars, to high-end audio/video home theatres, some had to have it all.  Granted the dotcom, or should we re-phrase and say dotbust, era didn't last, we can still remember the fun and exciting times enjoyed with family and friends.  For me, it was a life changing time, having met my wife, purchased a home and realized a dream.

It was a great time for those that were fortunate to have experienced it, albeit ultimately coming to an abrupt and unforeseen end.  It represented the demise of so many start-up companies, promising careers and unlimited Venture Capital.  Aside from Google, the high-flying days of soaring IPOs are mostly behind us.  But if you think your company is well poised for a whopper of an IPO, please email me - as I WILL work for stock options!  Operations, service & support, engineering test... let me know your needs and I'll perform above expectations.  Please enjoy our site...

Author's Corner

www.BARF.com (talk with the motorcycle community)

www.OTWS.com (check-out our local indoor soccer club)

www.FRY's.com (for those tech-stuff buying addicts)

www.RangersFC.com (Glasgow Rangers)

www.bevmo.com (awesome source for Happy Hour supplies)

www.fileplanet.com (get those game updates here)

www.windowsupdate.com (keep your system current)

www.di.fm (the best place for streaming awesome trance)

www.premierleague.com (EPL soccer news)

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Current News

03.04.08 - Well, I haven't been so good at keeping this website updated.  I'm planning on a revision this week with new pictures and video content, then I'll work on migrating it over to my new web bluetartan.com.

08.06.06 - Well, Rhona Elizabeth Souter was born July 23rd @ 9:23 am.  She came into the world a healthy 8 lbs - .05 oz and 20 inches in length and Mom and baby are doing well.  I will do my best to get the pictures uploaded shortly, so please stay tuned.  Rogan is doing well, having celebrated his 2nd birthday and seemingly adding to his vocabulary at an accelerated rate.  We spent the day yesterday @ Roaring Camp, Big Trees taking in the Thomas the Tank Engine experience.

08.01.06 - Scott enjoyed his annual rock crawl vacation, although experiencing his share of bumps, bruises, scratches and dents.  Next year, I'll be traveling along to capture some video to add to the pics page.

06.23.06 - Scott took Paul & Rhona out on the boat today, making sure they had their fill of the summer sun.  Here is Paul on the tube - doh!

06.09.06 - World Cup 2006 is upon us, finally - let the games begin! 

03.04.06 - Time is hurrying past at a blur.  Rogan is 19 months young now and his little sister is due July 22nd.  Libby is feeling better now, as the morning "all-day" sickness has subsided.  We moved into our new home and are still unpacking and organizing.  I have my work cut out for me with all the little projects and repairs.  I will be adding some additional photos and reorganizing the layout a bit, so stay tuned.

08.10.05 - Time has flown by... to say the least.  It's been about four months since my last update, but I've finally got something going.  Now if I could just stay on schedule I would impress even myself.  Rogan is 13 months old now and almost ready for walking and talking.  We had a family vacation in Scotland and enjoyed ourselves a great deal.  Check out the new pics!

04.07.05 - Can't believe how fast time is flying by now, Rogan is already 9 months old and is working on getting his fourth tooth.  No pictures have been added in a while as I am working feverously to replace my current server with three new ones.  They'll be faster, quieter and hopefully more secure.  So stay tuned, I know the website needs some serious updating.

01.24.05 - Rogan is wetting his appetite with solids now, enjoying his sweet potatoes and rice cereal.  The holidays came and went and so did our hopes of catching up on sleep.  I've finally decided to let the Viper go and will do so after taking some current photos and adding them to the Viper page.  I've been looking for a new bike or two, upon sale of the Ducati rocket... thinking about a KTM Duke or even Super Duke - just not sure how to import them.

12.17.04 - Scott is selling his poker tables, click here to view them.

12.07.04 - Here we are in December already and so much has happened over the last couple of months.  Rogan was baptized on Halloween and currently, as of late November, weighs in at 18 lbs and measures 27.5 inches in length.  His new favorite activity is hanging out in his jumpy chair... bounce - bounce - bounce!

10.09.04 - Growing with leaps and bounds, Rogan has surpassed the fifteen pound mark and doesn't show signs of slowing down!  His hand to eye coordination is getting better, as are his character and temperament.  He just turned 3 months and appears to be growing older with every day - duh!  Put in a different light, he's growing up so fast!

09.07.04 - Rogan has almost doubled his weight to 14 lbs and he's only 8 weeks old.  I tell you, this kid loves to eat.  His focusing ability is getting better and he is trying his hardest to polish those eye to hand skills.

08.19.04 - Scott's B-day today... he's 34 years young and still a bachelor.  I am thinking about auctioning him off on Ebay =)  Rogan is well over 11 pounds now and seems to enjoy his bath time in the kitchen sink the most.

08.03.04 - Rogan weighed in this morning at a whopping 10 lbs. 2 oz.  As you can see, he's a hungry little man.  New pictures added to his page.

07.26.04 - We made it to the semi-finals, but got knocked out in the first game.  Great tournament, good fun, pizza and beer to boot!

07.20.04 - Santa Cruz Soccer Tournament July 24th-25th, for info see www.orcasports.com

07.18.04 - The Viper is for sale... need to buy a mini-van!  See the Kelly Blue Book for a current value.  Click here to make an offer! 

07.18.04 - The Ducati has been sold... probably a bit safer to stay on the dirt and get a couple of quads instead.  Click here to view the bike! 

07.09.2004 - Baby Rogan born on July 9th @ 4:55 am... Mom, Dad and baby all doing well.  Vitals are 8 lbs - 5.2 oz and 19.5 inches in length.

06.21.2004 - Ross has a new job - it more or less found me through a soccer contact (good networking) and I am still in the storage industry performing a  Software QA Test role.  So when in doubt, buy more data storage!

06.20.2004 - www.ipotoyz.com goes live, hopefully it'll stay that way this time.  Please don't hack this web, no glory.

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